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13 October 2014

Frank Versagi
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Are you a meanie re scavengers? . . . Chamber of Commerce names Citizen of the Year . . . Canadian company opening Detroit office . . . Oh Lord! Two more years . . .  "You'll do it until you get it right!" . . . Charlotte Versagi in Uganda . . .  A study of near-death experiences . . . Frank Paul Versagi unexpectedly asked to spread The Word                                                                                                                                                                 Why this website


Are you a meanie re scavengers?
Among the many conversations which arose out of the flood-caused disposal of piles of trash is the appropriate response to those women and men driving beat up pickups or vans who drove slowly down the street and stopped to pick up this or that item: anything from old computers or TVs to a worn but still serviceable upholstered rocking chair. Observers can only speculate whether the scavengers were people in need or old pros who were operating with a profit motive.

More interesting in my mind were residents' reactions to those activities: Some felt sympathy toward those who were reduced to such scavenging. . . . Others labeled it a useful recycling practice . . .  Still others told me they called the police.

Chamber of Commerce bash
Chamber of Commerce names Citizen of the Year

Widely known and easily recognized Judy Davids, to whom I have given the unofficial title of Ombudswoman for the City of Royal Oak, will be named Citizen of the Year during the 67th Annual Royal Oak Community Awards event. Other awards are:

The Al Carter Family, Community Spirit
Carrie O'Neil, Business Person of the Year
Jarod Clark, Youth Achievement
2007 Vinsetta/John & Laura Falcon, Residential Beautification
Bistro 82, Co. 512; Motor City Carpet, and Traffic: Business Beautification.

The awards event will be held Tuesday, October 21, at Emagine/Star Lanes.
Social Hour 6 p.m. . . . Dinner 6:30 p.m. . . . Awards 7 p.m.

Chamber Phone: 248-547-4000


Laura Harrison
Frank, all that blustering at DTE, while deserved, was overdone. They should have saved some of it for the FEMA rep. Totally stupid! 2 customers of mine went over to the Boys and Girls Club Tuesday to sign up, to find out that office had been closed. The one city hall told us 2 weeks ago that they were a temporary location and would be there until Oct. 22nd. And you wonder why the New Orleans hurricane was 2 disasters, the actual hurricane and the cleanup after.

Frank Paul Versagi
Hi, Dad.  One of my success stories from teaching martial arts all these years is a young man whose mother threw him (literally) into my class one day and said fix this piece of _____ or Im sending him to the juvenile detention center.  Drugs, alcohol, bad choices, et cetera.

Long story short: seven years later he is now in his final year at the Elim Bible College in Lima, New York; hes going out to preach the Word. 


Im heading up to the college this weekend with Eileen to put on a kung-fu seminar for him and some of his fellow students, who he has gotten into martial arts.  So Ill be spending my birthday weekend working for free, tea toddling, and talking about how to spread the Word.  My, oh my, how things have changed.


Talk soon, son.

Frank Paul lives adjacent to Cleveland, Ohio, my hometown. He owns and operates and manages a martial arts center and also freelances as a court reporter. Before opening his martial arts center, he owned a firm of court reporters. His court reporting experiences include deposing witnesses from such entities as the Cleveland Clinic and Audi. - FJV


Canadian company opening Detroit office
Ottawa, Ontario-based Sciemetric Instruments is planning a new metro Detroit office to coincide with the hiring of its new vice president of global sales and business development.

Gregory Len, 54, joined the company in early September. He was born in Detroit and resides in White Lake.

Sciemetric is still searching for a location for the metro Detroit office; Len said he and his team have been looking into the Auburn Hills area.

We have a major customer base in the metro Detroit area, so its very much a convenient staging point for us, Len said. We have lots of key players in the Midwest; we see it as a springboard and a hub. There is a huge substantial resource pool here.

Sciemetric is a measurement and data management company specializing in the manufacturing sector, creating systems to detect issues and analyze data within complex manufacturing machinery. Its customers include automotive suppliers, machine builders and medical device companies.


Oh Lord! Two more years
That's two more years of drift in international affairs. It is impossible to label this President's foreign policy right or wrong. It can only be labeled "detached" about everything from Israel to Ukraine

The back-story leading to this situation is that in his years service as a state legislator in Illinois he frequently voted "Present" rather than voting yea or nay.

On future lists of American presidents which name each one's impact, his legacy will be named "Present."

Charlotte Versagi in Uganda
What I miss most about being in Uganda is meaningful conversation.  For lots of obvious reasons, it's impossible to speak at any depth with the locals and my hosts' English is very good but for them it's mostly cordial conversation and the business of my volunteer work. Again, speaking about anything abstract would be tough and clumsy.
Meals are especially awkward.  Ugandans have what I call a "starvation mentality" when they eat.  Many eat with their hands, which I am still not used to, and they truly hunker down and get to business.  Eating is done almost completely in silence.  My host family has two wild children who crawl on the floor, dump their plates over, climb into laps (not mine!) and yell throughout the meal if they are so inclined..  They are viewed by their parents as an American family might view troublesome pets and they are pretty much ignored.  I find the behavior dreadful and usually leave the open compound where we eat to continue eating in my room if they get too irritating. No one minds since meals are not considered a "social" event by any means, just a method of getting food into the body.
I had dinner with my volunteer friend Jens from Germany yesterday.  He and I meet weekly to regain our sanity and share our experiences from the week.  He brought along two Scottish doctors who he ran into.  We all spent two hours actually TALKING to one another, sharing experiences, frustrations.  It was absolutely delightful.  (I will be meeting the doctors again to try to coordinate efforts on medical projects we all three are working on.  They had the same experience dealing with the hospitals as I did -- politics, stealing, unethical behavior. hiding supplies, etc....they are very frustrated and have decided to cut ties with the hospital, as I did.)
I look forward to seeing you for lots of reasons, one of which is having a conversation over a good meal.
Love to you.


Except when the occasion or the national culture made levity inappropriate, I opened my speeches or lectures with a humorous story even when using an interpreter in the years I traveled internationally. One memory is from Mexico  I was speaking -- in English to an American audience -- on a veranda. Along one edge of the structure, a handful of manual laborers went on a break as our group settled in. Their leader shushed their typical vociferousness, instead translating for them some of what I was saying.

Another time, I had a new assistant sitting in on a morning when I addressed German engineers at 8 a.m.  and Japanese engineers at 10, with an interpreter in both instances, although the German didn't have much to do, because most of that audience understood English and used the interpreter only to clarify a question they wanted answered.  Her primary reaction: "The Japanese are so courteous and gentle. The Germans are so . . .. curt and rude!" The Japanese were reluctant to ask a question until the end of the lecture, and I had to stop lecturing and gently nudge them to do so between specific segments of my talk. The Germans: I had barely opened my lecture, and they began asking questions or challenging my interpretation.

I explained that German directness is not rudeness. It was her good fortune to be exposed to two very different cultures on the same morning.

Jokes don't translate well -- as World War II GIs learned while listening on shipboard radio to a British comedian as we passed Gibraltar on our way to Marseilles. My Italian tenor story, though, has brought guffaws from Germans, French, Spaniards, Portuguese, Belgians, Dutch, and Italians. I've never tried it when speaking to the Japanese. I used the story  for those years when I was speaking to local chapters of national technical societies and trade associations who knew me through my writing and, often, because I had addressed their group before.

The story:
An Italian tenor had so stirringly rendered Vesta la giubba, the aria which we Americans call, Ridi pagliocio, (Laugh, clown, laugh) that the applause caused him to sing it three more times.

Stepping in front of the stage lights, the tenor signaled for silence and said, "Ladies and gentlemen, I am honored. Not Schipa, not Martinelli, not even the great Caruso has ever been asked for more than two encores, but I beg you. Let us continue."

From deep in the standing gallery came the shout: "You'll do it until you get it right!"

The Mexican laborers guffawed. They got it immediately.


Near-death experiences? Results of world's largest medical study
of the human mind and consciousness at time of death

The results of a four-year international study of 2060 cardiac arrest cases across 15 hospitals concludes the following.

The themes relating to the experience of death appear far broader than what has been understood so far, or what has been described as so called near-death experiences. In some cases of cardiac arrest, memories of visual awareness compatible with so called out-of-body experiences may correspond with actual events. A higher proportion of people may have vivid death experiences, but do not recall them due to the effects of brain injury or sedative drugs on memory circuits. Widely used yet scientifically imprecise terms such as near-death and out-of-body experiences may not be sufficient to describe the actual experience of death

The recalled experience surrounding death merits a genuine investigation without prejudice. -- University of Southampton via sciencedaily.com

The world is coming to an end -- again
     2012: The Mayan Calendar has been added to the list
The Last Word re Global Warming?
Global warming "hucksters"
Ancient climate change link to CO2?
The global-warming hockey stick is broken
No energy is "renewable"
Monsoons getting drier?
DTE getting serious about solar?
Pseudo climate change science

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Second, watch the speakers watch the digital clock. They feel compelled to keep talking until they have used up their 5 minutes.

Ferndale permits only 3 minutes and when Ferndalians speak at our CITCOM meetings  they comment on the bonus we give t hem.

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